Type Greek

Convert text to Greek characters as you type. Type Greek now.

About the Author

Type Greek has been developed by Randy Hoyt. I work as a technology consultant for a software company in Dallas, Texas. I spend most of my free time building web sites, reading mythology, and playing cards and board games. I first studied Greek with Laura Gibbs at the University of Oklahoma. I started with Homeric Greek and later studied Biblical Greek. When I was a philosophy undergraduate student, I became very interested in the early Greek philosophers — especially those like Empedocles who wrote in Homeric verse.

I decided to build TypeGreek after working with Laura on her Aesopica.net project. I typed the Greek texts for that site in beta code, converting them to Greek afterwards. Without being able to see the Greek in real time my texts were full of errors, and I realized the need for a better solution. Other programs exist that allow typing in Greek, but they can be costly or complicated to set up. I developed TypeGreek as a free web-based tool that requires no installation or configuration.

Learn more about me at my personal web site, randyhoyt.com.